Coffee solutions offer technological innovations, quality designs and reliable performances that you truly value – all backed by a tradition of Swiss craftsmanship and precision engineering. Suitable for small, medium and large offices.

Franke A600

Capacity: up to 150 daily cups

As a truly intelligent coffee machine, the A600 redefines convenience. Enormously flexible, the A600’s self-service capabilities dramatically improve efficiency in professional use. The color touchscreen with crystal clear resolution is the perfect interface for you. Intuitive menu prompts result in straightforward, efficient operation. The selection of beverages can be set individually and adapted to your exact requirements.

Franke A800

Capacity: Up to 200 daily cups

Do you need to brew a perfect espresso, foam some milk, and prepare a hot tea all at the same time? The professional three-boiler system can handle this with ease. The integrated FoamMaster technology means that even the basic model lets you whip up perfectly consistent cold and hot brews.

Franke A1000

Capacity: Up to 250 daily cups

The A1000 was created to give your very own little moment of luxury. No matter what your favourite coffee might be, the A1000 can fulfill every wish so that you can try something different every single day. The A1000 also includes the FoamMaster for hot and cold milk, a hands-free milk cleaning system and a fully automatic CleanMaster system.

Franke SB1200

Our Speciality Beverage Station, SB1200, has been uniquely designed to offer you complete flexibility and choice in a busy environment. It features our state-of-the-art iQFlow™, FoamMaster™, IndividualMilk technologies, and Flavor Stations to create a variety of beverages, including vegan milk options. The intuitive 12.1-inch touchscreen with customizable coffee programs allows your staff and customers to quickly serve themselves hot and cold drinks for a memorable coffee moment.